A Day in the Life

Let Oscar (Sussex Spaniel extraordinaire) tell you about typical life in the kennels at Home Cottage Kennels.

My Day at Home Cottage Kennels

Our day begins as the sound of human chatter fills the kennel block. Great, breakfast will be served soon! My turn soon comes around and they take me out of my kennel and into the exercise paddock. Just right for morning constitutional, stretching my legs and the usual bathroom activities. After which I potter back to the gate which opens and I get offered a cuddle, but come on, breakfast is round the corner, haven't got time for that!

Yes, back in I go and there is my breakfast served with clean fresh water too. They've made my bed as well, might have to ruffle that up a bit later.

Breakfast time done, I'll go out into the outside run of my kennel and watch some of the others go out for their morning run.

When every dog has been out and fed people come and check on me, make sure I've kept my room clean and that I am set for the morning, which of course I am ...

Every Day is Different

Every day is different, for the rest of the day people continually come in and out the gate and through into my block with new guests or one of the other dogs going home. It will be my turn to go home in a couple of days, my owners always collect me in due course and I will be happy to see them when they do but I’m not in any hurry.

It's coming up to lunchtime now, I don’t take lunch myself, but you can have lunch if you want. I don’t have it at home so my owners haven’t requested one here. Sometimes, though you can look appealingly and get a doggie treat.

Exercise Time!

Oh good it’s exercise time again!

This is the best exercise time; out I go into the paddock again although this time I get a companion! Someone always comes out with us at the afternoon session, I like to play a few games not too many because I’m lazy, but some of the others do, mind you there a lovely old border collie who is in the kennels and she just wants to be cuddled, you get to do what you want really, can’t get better than that eh? Anyway I go back in and all the other dogs staying here follow in my footsteps and go out for their turn at "doggie playtime"

I usually have a short nap now not too long though because I am looking forward to my dinner. Once the afternoon exercise sessions are finished the girls come back and check up on us again, "I'm okay" I call but they check anyway, maybe some dogs aren't as good as me.

Dinner is served at the end of the day; we all go out yet again and start to get ready for bed.

Time to eat up my dinner and snuggle down listen to the music a while it’s been a busy day, ready for sleep. Tomorrow is a new day zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Oscar signature with pawprint